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Solar Management Systems

iMoSyS has pioneered a state of the art Solar Management System to the Kuwait Oil Company. The purpose of this system is to provide real time monitoring of off-grid solar farm that provides power along a 12km pipeline in the Kuwait Desert.
The use of this technology greatly contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and promotes environmentally responsible energy extraction practices.

Power Management System

iMoSyS developed a system that gives client's access to their electrical infrastructure's power analytics in real time. The system manages mains power and provides the option to remote start/stop backup generators, with data pertaining to battery bank voltage status, generator runtime hours and duration before scheduled maintenance readily available.

Upon reaching preset thresholds, intelligent programmable logic controllers make possible the autonomous switching of power source between the grid, rectifier and diesel generator; keeping facilities in the most efficient and cost-effective state at any given moment while eliminating downtime.

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Our fuel monitoring solutions assist our clients with remote monitoring of fuel levels in their reservoir tanks, mobile bowsers, and within the diesel generators that provide them with back up power.

This system serves to ease inventory management, maximize accountability, and deter siphoning and pilferage of the fuel. Daily, weekly or monthly reports can generated be generated to reconcile fuel supplies and quickly identify inconsistencies.

We have developed proprietary power management algorithms that are being applied to optimize industrial processes to prioritize clean, renewable and cost-effective energy solutions. Our systems are crucial in helping our clients to better track and efficiently use their energy sources.