On-spot Billing

iMoSyS' On-spot Billing is a smart metering platform that enables instant production of an invoice for water utility companies based on details of water usage from a meter within the premises of a customer, using a mobile app and a handheld electronic printer.

The benefits of this billing system include

  • Accurate and up to date data for billing.
  • Immediate delivery of invoices resulting in shortened payment periods for customers.
  • Proper record keeping as screenshots of data collected from the meter are sent to the water utility company’s system.
  • Easy and time saving process for data reading of bills for the meter reader.
  • Real time upload of billing details to the utility’s cloud.
  • Promotes accountability and eliminates uncertainties in revenue collection by water service providers.

  • Meter reader devices are built on top of a mobile android application used by water meter readers when collecting readings. These details are submitted to a central billing system and generate necessary bills on the smartphone through the use cellular 2G/ 3G/ 4G network data channels.

    Additionally, this android application runs on a smartphone capable of capturing GPS coordinates. This enables the application submit geographical location of Blantyre Water Board customers meters for easy integration with GIS based systems.