The iTap is an Automated Water Vending Machine that dispenses potable water. It can be installed in low income or rural communities which do not have access to clean and pure drinking water.

iTap works like any regular bank ATM, the only difference is that it provides water instead of money.

The benefits of using the iTap are:
  • Easy to Install
  • Fully powered by solar energy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% consumer protection from mismanagement of communal water points
  • No supply disconnection due to non-payment of bills
  • Eliminates uncertainties and accountability for revenue collections by water service providers

  • This video shows women in a rural community accessing clean, potable water from the iTap.

    By collaborating with a water utility provider, iMoSyS has been able to reach even remote areas to install the smart water selling points for a fraction of the price of traditional kiosks.

    Since it was first posted on social media, the video has gone viral in Malawi and beyond, prompting numerous enquiries about the technology and how it can be adopted in far away loacations.

    This signifies the role that social media has to play in the advancement and adoption of modern technologies.