DIgital Fabrication

iMoSyS provides digital fabrication services including;
3D printing which is an additive manufacturing process where a 3D printer creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials (filament) layer by layer in accordance with the object’s 3D digital model.
Laser Cutting which involves use of a focused laser beam to cut, etch or engrave materials into custom designs, patterns and shapes specified by a designer. Ideal for wood, glass, paper, metal, plastic and gemstone.

Face Shields

iMoSyS manufactures face shields using laser cutting technology that results in a precise, high-quality surface finish.

The design provides good visibility to the wearer and the adjustable band fits firmly and smoothly against the forehead, completely covering the sides and length of the face.

They are made of robust material which can be cleaned and disinfected. Branded stickers can be fashioned upon request.

Home Automation Devices

Bringing IoT into the home to take convenience and control to the next level. Using internet enabled appliances and devices to give users unparalleled access to their homes even when they’re away.

Making use of Zigbee wireless technology, smart devices like security cameras, bulbs, switches, circuit breakers, sockets and sensors, allow remote monitoring and control of the home from anywhere using a web or mobile app.

Turn on your security lights or geyser from the app, or be alerted if there’s an intruder in a room or when specific doors have been opened and receive notifications if there’s a leak under your sinks.