Water System Management

iMoSyS works in Water Systems Management to develop novel, robust, practical techniques and tools to optimize efficiency and customer service, through dynamic control or Water Systems iMoSyS brings new understanding of how engineering design, planning and management of complex water systems can be improved by creating a visual analytics optimisation approach that will integrate human expertise, IT infrastructure (cloud/parallel computing) and state-of-the-art optimisation techniques to develop highly optimal, engineering intuitive solutions for the water industry in Malawi and across the globe.

System Key Benefits

  • Easy access to remote tank water levels from anywhere through the use of internet
  • Effortless generation of water usage and production reports.
  • Alerts through SMS or email to particular technical personnel when critical levels are attained.
  • Clear verification on the adequacy of water to meet demand.
  • Peace of mind provided by instant alarm notifications.
  • Readily available data for decision making, service and maintenance planning.

  • EHEALTH works

    iMoSyS works in eHealth to improve Health Care delivery in Malawi. iMoSyS seeks to transform health care practices and work flows through computerized information and decision-making systems that facilitate and coordinate the care of patients in Malawi.

    Automatic sms Alerts/Notifications to improve efficiency on notification of laboratory test results and/or next appointment dates.

    SMS generation for new patients to alert them on laboratory results. The same is also recommended for existing patients where an SMS will be automatically sent to remind the patient on the patient’s next appointment for medication or follow-up sputum sample.

    Modification of current TB system

    iMoSyS has enhanced the current system to enable tracking of the flow of TB samples from the community level up to point of treatment initiation.

    Tracking of samples to facilitate reporting for TB patients

    Scanning of samples is achieved by using an android based mobile phone or tablet which has a built-in camera.

    Smart Irrigation Systems Management

    Recently there has been an increase of awareness in the importance of conserving water. By adding intelligence to irrigation systems can assist in saving time and money. In this case, field irrigation can only be activated according to the soil moisture which is adequate for the crop. Additionally the system can further be programmed to run at night when the evaporation is low, and in times of water restrictions. iMoSyS has several innovative approaches that easily give farmers the opportunity to adopt these solutions at low cost. A practical demonstration will be based from deployment in several farms across Malawi.

    Benefits of Irrigation System

        The system can be remotely triggered using an app or SMS without traveling to the fields and get notifications on moisture content and status of the sprinklers.

        No money or water wasted. Everything is timed, programmed and every drop of water is used only when it is needed.

        Moisture content can be monitored and controlled within specifications required by the plants which is ideal for fast and health growth

        With smart irrigation, only areas needing water are the ones that receive water thereby reducing the amount of weeds appealing across the field.