Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

The RMS developed by iMoSyS is an application of the Industrial Internet of Things in the Telecommunications Industry, comprising a centralized solution for monitoring & control of network transmission infrastructure made up of 3 subsystems running concurrently.

The RMS is built on top of complex algorithms employing Artificial Intelligence to route data and analytics through a mobile app and web portal that amalgamates the information and controls on a comprehensive dashboard for our client to see and interpret the data.

1. Power Management

We developed a system that enables our clients to have real time monitoring and performance optimization analytics for tower power units.

The system dashboard provides details pertaining to;
Availability (presence or absence) of mains power supply.
Back-up generator power status, runtime hours and duration before scheduled maintenance.
Rectifier (battery bank) voltage status and minimum threshold that necessitates generator intervention.

Intelligent programmable logic controllers make possible the autonomous switching of the tower's power source between the mains/grid, rectifier and diesel generator; keeping each site in the most efficient and cost-effective state at any given moment thus eliminating downtime of the transmission apparatus.

2. Fuel Management

Our fuel management system is crucial in ensuring our clients have uninterrupted operation of their equipment.

This is made possible through remote monitoring of fuel levels in the telecoms provider's reservoir tanks, the bowsers that transport the fuel, and within the diesel generators that provide backup power at transmission sites.

The system serves to ease inventory management, detect theft and leakages and highlight unusual patterns.

3. Environment Monitoring

Our monitoring system uses state of the art sensor technology that allows for monitoring and safeguarding of servers at the telecoms provider's data center.

Temperature, humidity and water leakage sensors ensure optimal performance of servers, while motion sensors notify responsible staff of unauthorized presence or activity in the server rooms.

Keep an eye on these critical environmental factors and receive alerts when user-defined thresholds are breached via Email or SMS.

Onspot Billing Service

Our Onspot Billing service system enables instant production of an invoice for water utility companies based on details of water usage from a meter within the premises of the customer, using a handheld electronic printer.

The use of this billing service system has provided several benefits to our clients and some of them are:
  • Accurate and up to date data for billing.
  • Immediate delivery of invoices resulting in shortened payment periods for customers.
  • Proper record keeping as screenshots of data collected from the meter are sent to the water utility company’s system.
  • Easy and time saving process for data reading of bills for the meter reader.
  • Real time upload of billing details to the utility’s cloud.
  • Promotes accountability and eliminates uncertainties in revenue collection by water service providers.

  • Covid 19 PPE Fabrication

    In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, we mobilized our resources and began the digital fabrication of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of face shields using laser cutting digital fabrication techniques for donation to frontline health workers. This was done in line with our commitment to using technology in providing solutions with the greatest social impact.

    Our partners in our fight against COVID-19 include:

    Malawi Agriculture and Industrial Investments Corporation (MAIIC) was our first partner when we made our first donation. MAIIC showed a seal of confidence in young innovators in the country and their abilities to manufacture locally at a time when imports could not be relied upon and our unique circumstances demanded creativity and resourcefulness.

    Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) partnered with us in 2020 and committed €100,000 in the form of a grant to add to our efforts in the digital fabrication of face shields as well as the introduction of an innovative laser cutting and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) facility in Blantyre, Malawi to produce face shields for front line workers (healthcare and other SMEs).


    The iTap is an Automated Water Vending Machine that dispenses potable water. It can be installed in low income or rural communities which do not have access to clean and pure drinking water. iTap works like any regular bank ATM, the only difference is that it provides water instead of money.

    The benefits of using the iTap are:

  • Easy to Install
  • Fully powered by solar energy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% consumer protection from mismanagement of communal water points
  • No supply disconnection due to non-payment of bills
  • Eliminates uncertainties and accountability for revenue collections by water service providers
  • Water Management System

    iMoSyS works in Water Management Systems to develop novel, robust, practical techniques and tools to optimize efficiency and customer service, through dynamic control or Water Systems iMoSyS brings new understanding of how engineering design, planning and management of complex water systems can be improved by creating a visual analytics optimisation approach that will integrate human expertise, IT infrastructure (cloud/parallel computing) and state-of-the-art optimisation techniques to develop highly optimal, engineering intuitive solutions for the water industry in Malawi and across the globe.

    System Key Benefits

  • Easy access to remote tank water levels from anywhere through the use of internet
  • Effortless generation of water usage and production reports.
  • Alerts through SMS or email to particular technical personnel when critical levels are attained.
  • Clear verification on the adequacy of water to meet demand.
  • Peace of mind provided by instant alarm notifications.
  • Readily available data for decision making, service and maintenance planning.
  • TB eHealth System

    iMoSyS works in eHealth to improve Health Care delivery in Malawi. iMoSyS seeks to transform health care practices and work flows through computerized information and decision-making systems that facilitate and coordinate the care of patients in Malawi.

    Automatic sms alerts/notifications are utilized to improve efficiency on notification of laboratory test results for new patients and next appointment dates for existing patients, as well as an SMS being automatically sent to remind the patients of medication or follow-up sputum sample in the case of TB patients.

    iMoSyS enhanced the existing system to enable tracking of the flow of TB samples from the community level up to point of treatment initiation.

    The system is able to collect data related to TB cases directly from community level all the way up to the Ministry Headquarters.

    This tracking of samples is made possible through an android mobile app than scans samples via the camera, and uploads the data to a central database.