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Telecom Site Monitoring System

The Telecom Site Monitoring System developed by iMoSyS is an application of the Industrial Internet of Things in the Telecommunications Industry, comprising a centralized solution for monitoring & control of network transmission infrastructure.

The system is built on top of complex algorithms employing Artificial Intelligence to route data and analytics through a mobile app and web portal that amalgamates the information and controls on a comprehensive dashboard for our clients to visualize and interpret their data.

1. Power Management

We developed a system that enables our clients to have real time monitoring and performance optimization analytics for tower power units.
The system dashboard provides details pertaining to;

  • Availability of mains power supply.

  • Back-up generator parameters, runtime hours and duration before scheduled maintenance.

  • Rectifier (battery bank) voltage status and minimum threshold to necessitates generator intervention.

  • Intelligent programmable logic controllers make possible the autonomous switching of the tower's power source between the mains/grid, rectifier and diesel generator; keeping each site in the most efficient and cost-effective state at any given moment thus eliminating downtime of the transmission apparatus.

    2. Fuel Management

    Our fuel management system is crucial in ensuring our clients have uninterrupted operation of their equipment.

    This is made possible through remote monitoring of fuel levels in the telecoms provider's reservoir tanks, the bowsers that transport the fuel, and within the diesel generators that provide backup power at transmission sites.

    The system serves to ease inventory management, detect theft and leakages and highlight unusual patterns. The incorporation of alarms and alerts to key staff when their attention is required makes resource managemnet simple and straightforward.

    3. Data Center Monitoring

    Our system uses state of the art sensor technology that allows for environment monitoring and safeguarding of servers at the telecoms provider's data center.

    Temperature, humidity and water leakage sensors ensure optimal performance of servers, while motion sensors notify responsible staff of unauthorized presence or activity in the server rooms.

    The system allows management to keep a close eye on these critical environmental factors and to receive alerts when user-defined thresholds are breached via Email, SMS or push notifications at their workstations.