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Water Management System

iMoSyS pioneered the development of a water management system for the water boards in Malawi.

The system includes remote monitoring and data capturing of; water levels, water flow rates in distribution pipe networks and water quality in terms of PH, Chlorine and turbidity levels.

The remote information is easily accessed from the offices and from anywhere through a secure web portal.

The system aims at developing a low cost solution for remote monitoring of water levels in storage tanks. The system has been customized to enable a real-time water level trend analysis of remote tanks.

The solution deployed consists of a system installed at remote tanks for capturing water level details and transmitting the measured values to the central management server system which is installed in the utility provider's IT/Server Room.

The remote tank system setup is based on wireless sensor network technology.

iTap Automated Water Vending

The iTap is an automated water vending machine that dispenses potable water and is ideal for installation in lower income or rural communities which do not have regular access to clean and pure drinking water.

The iTap is aimed at increasing water access in low-income areas. The innovation allows customers to buy water at any time of day while paying less than normal kiosk fixed water prices.

Through dynamic control of water systems, iMoSyS brings new understanding of how engineering design, planning and management of complex water systems can be improved.